About Actifirm Skincare

Scientific Skincare – Naturally.

Innovative, effective skincare that combines natural botanical extracts with scientific principles. Gentle products that replace harsh, synthetic chemicals with plant-based solutions. And a dedication to sustainable trade and development practices, with intensive quality control. These are our guiding principles at Actifirm.

The Actifirm team travels the globe in search of natural skincare discoveries, while a select group of researchers and scientists constantly refine and expand our natural skincare offerings. From sourcing botanicals worldwide, to research and development, to packaging, we manage every aspect of the process – creating the finest quality and most scientifically rooted natural skincare available.

Actifirm was founded in 1999 by natural skincare advocate Elysiann Bishop. Her philosophy is reflected across our product line: By combining the finest botanical extracts with advances in modern science, skin of all ages can be rejuvenated and restored to beautiful health. Today, many Actifirm products are available to consumers, while our professional line is used by licensed medical and esthetic clinicians.

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