The Beauty of Enzyme Peels

As your skin has aged, has it become dull, lacking a certain glow? Have you looked into chemical peels and other invasive treatments, but shied away because of the “down time”? For those with an interest in gentle, natural yet effective skin care, enzyme peels offer a refreshing solution.

Most people are familiar with chemical peels – professionally administered treatments that might leave skin red, peeling, even scabbed over. Chemical peels often require time off of work and everyday life for recovery. An enzyme peel differs from a chemical peel in that it removes only dead skin cells without harming living tissue. The enzymes cause a reaction in your skin that mimics skin’s natural exfoliation process, lifting off that dull outermost layer and revealing glowing, more youthful skin beneath. And best of all, there’s no downtime or photosensitivity with enzyme peels, which is why they are sometimes called “vacation peels” or “lunchtime peels”.

The exact enzymes used in enzyme peels are varied. Pumpkin, papaya, and pineapple are all used for their exfoliation properties. The Actifirm Z-Peel uses enzymes derived from the Mucor Miehei Japanese mushroom. Available through estheticians at Exhale Spa and other skincare facilities, the Z-Peel is also available in a formula that is safe and effective for home use. In fact, Z-Peel is so gentle, most people can use it on their skin every day.

Z-Peel comes in a light, gel formula that smoothes effortlessly onto the skin. To use, simply apply with fingertips to cleansed, dry skin. Leave the formula on skin for 3-7 minutes or until dry — the beauty of Z-Peel is that it is self neutralizing, so it’s impossible to damage the skin if left for longer.

Following application of this Mucor Miehei mushroom enzyme formula, skin will feel smoother and appear more luminous – an ideal canvas for makeup application. With cumulative use, it can help improve skin tone and texture while helping to increase skin firmness and elasticity. Z-Peel fans love that it can be used at home and as often as daily!

Enzyme peels open a whole new world of possibilities in natural and effective skincare. Try the Actifirm Z-Peel and experience the results!

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