Dry Skin? Give it the Brush-Off!

Dry skin can plague us any time of year. And as we put the cold, dry climate of winter behind us, it’s the perfect time to give dry skin the brush-off – literally. Dry brushing is an ancient skincare technique with origins in Japan and Greece, and we just can’t get enough of dry brushing here at Actifirm. It’s an invigorating daily practice that’s the perfect compliment to your Actifirm skincare regimen. And with benefits including dry skin exfoliation, cellulite reduction, increased circulation, and detoxification through stimulation of the lymphatic system, it’s a routine worth adding to your day!Dry Skin? Give it the brush-off!

So how does one go about dry brushing the skin? It’s a simple process that takes only a few minutes. First, start with a good-quality, natural bristle brush.  As the name implies, skin and brush should be dry. Dry brushing is best performed immediately before showering.

Once you’ve completed dry brushing, immediately shower, and follow up with your favorite moisturizer. We love Actifirm Thigh Firm – if you struggle with cellulite issues, this botanical-based formula offers wonderful firming properties.Starting at the feet and working toward the thighs, use quick, short strokes on skin, always working toward the heart. On the torso, pay special attention the lymph line – this is the groin area where your swimsuit hem might hit – as this is key to helping the body eliminate toxins. To aid digestion, perform large, counterclockwise circles on the abdomen. Next, start at the hands and work up to the shoulders. On the underarm, perform gentle downward strokes to help stimulate the lymph drainage system. Perform gentle strokes over the collarbone toward the center. Last, focus on the back area, including cellulite-prone areas of the buttocks and upper thighs.

Actifirm at Exhale

Our friends at Exhale Spa love dry brushing as much as we do – check out this clip from Exhale esthetician Laura Benge showing the dry brushing technique. As it happens, Actifirm was at this same session at Shake Your Chakra 2012 in Atlantic City, demonstrating our naturally exfoliating Z-Peel. And we’ll be back in Atlantic City again this June for this amazing skincare event.

We’re addicted to dry brushing here at Actifirm – give it a try, and you’ll want to make it a part of your daily skincare regimen, too!

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