Travel Beauty Tips For SXSW 2013 and Beyond

Whether you’re pounding the Austin pavement at South by Southwest 2013 or have other travel plans in sight, chances are you want to focus more on the destination and less on your beauty routine. So we’ve put together some of our favorite, low-maintenance beauty tips for on-the-go travel.


Go with the Glow

We’d never advocate a real tan, but self tanner is an entirely different thing! When you have a beautiful, natural-looking glow, it makes other cosmetics less necessary – simplifying your makeup routine. For a weekend trip, apply self tanner the day before you leave, and you won’t have to reapply while away. We’re partial to Actifirm Firming Self Tanner – the “tan” is activated with natural carbohydrates derived from beets and sugarcane, while proprietary botanicals help firm as well as hydrate.

Minimize Mascara

If you’re going to be traipsing about in the heat and humidity for long hours at SXSW, skipping mascara just might be a beauty “do”. If you’re worried about pale lashes, think about mascara’s tendency to create black circles under the eyes by mid afternoon. If you can’t do without mascara, make sure it’s a waterproof formula and apply to top lashes only.

Lip Service


A bit of color and shine on the lips can go a long way in boosting beauty on vacay. Bring along your favorite lipstick or lip stain, and don’t forget the Actifirm Lip Primer and Pretty Pout. Our Lip Primer is a natural way to extend the wear of your lip color. And Pretty Pout is a perfect botanical conditioner, plumper, and anti-aging treatment – use it for overnight deep conditioning, for added shine over your favorite lip color, or all alone for a natural gloss.

Natural Nails

Consider trimming nails a bit shorter than usual prior to travel to minimize breakage. A good buffing can add loads of natural shine without the maintenance of a nail polish. If you must use nail polish, opt for a neutral color that won’t show the chips as much as bolder shades.

makeup set

Simplify Your Palette

Sure, it’s fun to have loads of makeup choices at home. But when traveling, simplicity is key. Many cosmetics companies make small palettes that are perfect for travel. They may include a few shades of eye shadow, a blush, and even a solid lip color or two. See if your favorite makeup company makes a small kit like this – it’ll make makeup application a snap and free your time to focus on the destination!

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