Looking Good at South By Southwest

The #actifirmmobile at SXSW'12

Beauty Tips for SXSW2013

Here at Actifirm, March means the return of spring and the return of South by Southwest Music – the world’s largest music festival, accompanied by the SXSW Film and SXSW Interactive festivals. This year in Austin, Texas, various events will take place from March 8-17. As Texans, we’re partial to this home-grown event, but we’re not the only ones – hotels book out months in advance and fans flock from all over the world for SXSW. Although it’s probably too late to attend this year, there are many ways to follow online. We love taking in a great concert, indy film, or cutting-edge technology – but only if we can do it looking and feeling our best!

Take it from veterans of this marathon event – SXSW is an amazing experience, but it can also sap your energy and leave you a bit, well, haggard. So we’ve put together a series of posts with our best tips for staying full of energy and looking great during SXSW. You’ll find that our tips work well for SXSW, but are also applicable to other travel. We’ll start with the basics of skin care – an easy travel regimen that includes sunscreen.

Skin Care to Go

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can take a break from sensible skin care. Skin can become stressed with changes in climate, so take care. Even if you don’t have time for an extensive routine, the basics are critical – namely, a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.music2 For travel-size convenience, consider purchasing smaller containers of your favorite products. Actifirm offers several options for portable skincare – check out these promotional size kits. Even if you’re running from morning to evening, a quick cleanse and application of moisturizer twice a day will make all the difference to your tired skin.
Natural Basics

For sunscreen, go with what you know works for your skin. SXSW attendees typically spend a LOT of time outdoors, so this is not a step to be taken lightly! You’ll want a facial sunscreen, as well as one for your body. If you haven’t bought real sunscreen since last summer, now’s the time to buy new – SPF can lose its potency over time, so start fresh. Look for a small container of your favorite sunscreen that you can throw in your bag to take along with you each day – you’ll need to reapply, and most SXSW attendees don’t return to their hotel until late in the evening. And pack everything in a big zip-top bag to avoid a mess in your luggage.

Basic skincare with sunscreen, check! Stay tuned for our next SXSW post on hydration and nutrition for the weary traveler.

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