A Red Carpet-Worthy Complexion


Image Courtesy of vanityfair.com

Celebrity Trends for Beautiful Skin

Here at Actifirm, we always look forward to watching the star-studded Academy Awards – even if it means a bit of beautiful skin envy! With the big show just around the corner on Sunday, we thought we’d investigate the secrets of flawless, A-lister skin.

Celebrities might be blessed with great genes, but there’s more to that on-camera glow than what mom and dad passed on. Interestingly, the recent trend in celebrity skin care has been less about surgeries, fillers, and even minor procedures, with a big focus on a diligent skin care program. Now that’s something we can cheer about on Oscar night!

"gentle treatments, including enzyme based peels and exfoliants"

The secret seems to be straightforward – A daily commitment to the basics, including proper cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturization. There’s a focus on gentle treatments, including enzyme based peels and exfoliants like Actifirm Z-Peel.

Antioxidants are important too, and are found across the Actifirm line – our Antioxidant Cleanser name says it all!

Another thing to love about this trend is that skin care consultants to the stars are encouraging a holistic, lifestyle approach, including a healthy diet. Minimal salt, no empty carbs, and very little sugar come into play – with an emphasis on plenty of protein, healthy fats from sources like avocados, and lots and lots of dark green veggies.


Alas, the week or so leading up to a red carpet event may involve multiple highly specialized (and expensive!) treatments, including frequent facials, special techniques to zap blemishes, and intense hydration for dewy, glowing skin. Hyaluronic acid comes into play for helping skin retain moisture – try Actifirm Renovation Serum to experience this powerful hydrating ingredient. Firmness is another prized attribute, especially around the jaw and neck area. Actifirm Neck Firm Cream and the entire Actifirm line of firming products are fortified with natural firming and anti-aging ingredients – leaving skin nourished, smoother, and feeling more taut.

So kick back Sunday night and enjoy the glitz and glamour – and remember that behind every celebrity complexion is a skin care routine with trophy-worthy results!

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