Rehydrate Your Skin

A Multistep Approach for Banishing Winter Dryness

If your skin has been very dry lately, you’re not alone – winter is the worst time of year for dry skin. Indoor heat, outdoor wind and cold, and lower humidity are the primary causes of dry winter skin. When your skin becomes dry and flaky this time of year, there are several ways you can combat the problem – from the inside, from the outside, and with professional help. Let’s take a look at each of these:

Hydrating from the Inside

Winter conditions are ideal for dehydration of the body. Fight back by drinking plenty of water – keep a reusable water bottle with you at all times and sip often. In addition, watch your alcohol and caffeine intake – both can sap moisture from your body, and extreme dehydration can show up in your skin.

Topical Moisture

This is the way we most often think of hydrating our skin – with a good slathering of moisturizer. A quality moisturizer can not only help revive dry skin, but also prevent future dryness by preserving skin’s moisture. Skin has the most moisture when you’re fresh out of the shower, so use the opportunity to slather on your favorite cream and lock in that hydration. Look for products with hyaluronic acid, which attracts and binds moisture to the skin, and squalene, which can increase skin’s capacity for holding moisture.

Try Actifirm Renovation Moisture Balancer, which contains both. It’s a highly effective hydrating cream and nourishing serum in one, with a botanical anti-aging complex – and it feels great on your skin.

Running a humidifier in your home is another helpful way to introduce moisture, but be sure to maintain it with regular cleanings to avoid introducing allergens.

Professional Skincare

If your best efforts at home are not enough to revive your dry skin, consider consulting a professional esthetician or other skin care expert. A skin care professional will be able to offer suggestions for at-home protocol, and also offer clinical treatments to boost skin’s hydration. For a partial list of professionals that use naturally effective Actifirm products, click here.

With diligence, you can conquer dry winter skin and enjoy supple, smooth skin year-round!

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