Beyond Wrinkles | Minimize Pores with Skincare Techniques

When it comes to skincare, wrinkles, sagging, and general signs of aging definitely top the list of concerns. But for those with large pores, pore minimization techniques are an important part of skincare. Large pores are primarily determined by genetics, although aging, sun damage, and reduced elasticity can play a role. Although there is no way to actually reduce pore size, there are many skincare techniques that can help reduce the appearance of pores. Let’s take a look at some at-home skincare tricks, medical procedures, and products that may improve the look of visible pores:

Sunscreen: It’s good for more that preventing wrinkles – sunscreen can help prevent the enlarged appearance of pores that may come with aging. UV damage can contribute to enlarged pores, so wear your SPF every day for long-term results.

Cleanse Daily: A high-quality cleanser like Actifirm Antioxidant Cleanser can help keep pores clean and blemish-free – detracting attention from the pores.

Mask: A raw egg white mask can temporarily tighten the skin and decrease the appearance of large pores. Combine two egg whites with ¼ cup of orange juice, apply to skin, and let dry. Rinse with warm water.

Makeup: Your choice of cosmetics can help reduce the look of pores. Many recommend a skin primer to even out skin tone and allow makeup to adhere. Cream foundations are generally more effective than liquids when it comes to concealing pores. Finishing your cosmetic application with a loose powder can help hide pores.

Laser Therapy: This professional treatment may help temporarily reduce the size of pores.

Peels and Microdermabrasion: These techniques work in similar ways, exfoliating skin and lifting oils that may block pores. The Actifirm Z-Peel is an enzyme peel that removes only dead skin cells for ultra-gentle exfoliation.


Firming, tightening, and exfoliating products have been shown to help reduce the appearance of pores. In general, many anti-aging products also offer properties that make them effective in helping to minimize pores. Actifirm offers an extensive array of firming products, including Actifirm Face Firm. Its clinically tested firming, hydrating, and wrinkle-reducing properties may also help reduce the appearance of pores. Because Actifirm Masks also help relieve clogged pores and may aid sagging skin, they also could offer help for large pores. Try Actifirm Actilift Firming Mask for its firming properties, or Actifirm Renovation Mushroom Mask or Actifirm Z-Facial – the latter two combine pore-cleansing Bentonite clay with exfoliating Mucor Miehei mushroom enzymes along with antioxidants and other proven skincare ingredients for beautiful skin.

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