Are you drinking enough water?

Adequate Summer Hydration = Healthy Skin

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and all organs need ample water to function optimally. So it makes sense that drinking the rule of thumb of eight 8-ounce glasses each day is a good thing for the skin. A while back, I wrote a post about the importance of hydration and skincare. But even when we know the health and skincare benefits, it’s not always easy to drink enough when we’re busy and on the go. In the summer months, higher temperatures and more time spent outdoors mean we need to consume those fluids all the more. Following are some tips for drinking enough this summer. Some may even add a little fun to your hydration efforts!

  1. Keep a Reusable Water Bottle With You: It might seem like a nuisance at first, but once you get in the habit of carrying water with you, you’ll be hooked! Carry your own water to work, the gym, the pool, or wherever the day takes you, and hydrate on the go.
  2. Eat Your Water: Tired of downing glass after glass of water? Eat some of your water! Healthy, low calorie options abound, including watermelon, tomatoes, citrus, grapes, and leafy greens.
  3. Substitute Sparkling Water for Sodas: The caffeine in sodas can hasten dehydration, and sodas contain all kinds of bad-for-you, unpronounceable ingredients anyway. Try weaning yourself by substituting calorie-free sparkling water. It’s available in many flavors, and still gives you that carbonated kick without the caffeine.
  4. Add Variety with Flavorings: Mix it up with no or low calorie flavorings, like a fresh citrus squeeze, cucumber, herbs like mint, ginger, or even sliced strawberries. Make a big pitcher in the morning and keep it cold and ready in the fridge.
  5. Hydrate for Air Travel: Conditions in the cabin can be very dry.If you’ll be taking to the friendly skies this summer, don’t forget to drink extra water. If getting through security is an issue, you can carry in an empty bottle to fill at a fountain, or purchase a big bottle of water at the gate.
  6. Bring Enough For Longer Outings: For a day at the beach, hiking, or other expeditions, don’t forget to bring a day’s worth of water. Fill an icy cooler with water bottles for enticing refreshment on a hot day.

6 responses to “Are you drinking enough water?

  1. I recently purchased a really pretty, girly, reusable water bottle to keep on my desk at work. It’s amazing how much more water I drink now that I have it! I enjoy using it because it’s so pretty, and once I started drinking more water, I found that I miss it if I don’t have a full bottle on hand!

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